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New research suggests that by September (due to Covid), most students will have fallen behind where they would have been if they had stayed in classrooms, with some losing the equivalent of a full school year’s worth of academic gains.

(New York Times, June 5, 2020)

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one time charge

For 1st-4th grade students

Focus on foundational skills!

Award winning phonics-based reading curriculum

Students build drawing skills - focus on characters

Live teachers to engage your children in this immersive and fun program

Choose the schedule that works for you.

Reading, math, drawing, sign language & fun

Weekly raffles and prizes






one time charge

Complete READ DRAW FUN program with additional small group instruction focused on academic need PLUS small group instruction.


Small group instruction is scheduled before, during or after one READ DRAW FUN module


1/5 staff/student ratio

Live teachers to engage your children in this immersive and fun program

Choose the schedule that works for you.

Reading, math, drawing, sign language & fun

Weekly raffles and prizes





one time charge

    Code a game, write a novella, and learn to draw

    Code a video game and compete for prizes

    Learn how to draw Manga style characters

Write a novella based on the Hero's Journey

Final virtual exhibition with industry expert judges

    Receive your published novella at the end of the program

    Dynamic instructors include teachers, coders and artists

    For 4th - 8th grade students

20 hour live instruction - 2.5 hours per day for 2 weeks

Coding, writing, drawing project-based learning


Distance learning can be fun! 

At TUTORWORKS, we combine online learning with fun and interactive classes daily!

​Students improve important skills in reading, math, and art all while having fun and being engaged with the class.

Learn more about our programs here:

Join our Remote Learning Classes with Live Teachers!

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READ DRAW FUN will help your child prepare for the fall with just the right combination of academics and fun. READ DRAW FUN combines dynamic expert instructors with a team of academic coaches who support the students in each class. Jokes (fun puns), activities and songs keep the students engaged. READ DRAW FUN instructional program focuses on teaching phonics-based literacy, foundational math concepts, and basic computational math using our adaptive learning and kinesthetic pedagogical approaches. In addition, this summer we will offer character drawing and sign language to teach fundamental skills and academic language.

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Students practice their reading skills, learn how to draw and do fun math or writing exercises. 


Weekly Raffle on Fridays!


Each week, students spend 50 minutes developing their literacy skills with our award winning phonics-based reading program. Students spend 50 minutes developing their drawing skills with a focus on drawing characters and academic language. Students spend 50 minutes developing their basic computational math skills. Students spend 50 minutes learning sign language. This program is highly engaging. 

Watch a full READ DRAW FUN class here:


This video is sped up so you can see the full 

class in 30 minutes.

Enrollment opens 11/1/21 for 1st - 4th grade students. 2 - 6 week sessions.

Cost for a two week session is $160. 

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This remote learning summer program will keep your elementary and middle school children engaged. Our unique approach integrates computer science, creative writing, and the arts to engage students in a personal journey that fosters self-efficacy, and positions them for long-term success inside and outside the classroom.





Students code a video game, write a novella based on the Hero’s Journey, and learn how to draw. 

Each participant receives 20 hours of STEAM-related instruction during the session. The program uses a "Hero's Journey" thematic framework and includes exposure to local industry professionals who share their own STEAM journeys. The program culminates with an exhibition where students present their completed work to industry expert judges and families.

We are providing this innovative program remotely. This cohort-based learning program has been a favorite during modified school settings with greater than 90% attendance across all programs. Students benefit from the small group instruction (1/8 staff/student ratio) and positive interactions with other students. Students present their completed games and novellas at a virtual exhibition. These live classes have been a welcome salve to parents who can rely on the program to engage their older children in meaningful and captivating project-based academic activities.

Comparative mythology researcher Joseph Campbell popularized the concept of the “Hero’s Journey” as the common story across cultures of a hero who goes on an adventure, faces tests and trials, and returns home changed. The “Hero’s Journey” serves as the thematic framework for the CODE WRITE DRAW program modules and provides an integrated narrative student experience.

Enrollment opening soon for 4th - 8th grade students.

Cost for 2 week session is $495. 


Here is what the thousands of parents and students we have served have to say about our services:

TutorWorks was wonderful! My daughter's needs were assessed on the first day of services and the manager created a lesson plan for her with specific goals. The tutor assigned to my daughter was a good match because she allowed my daughter to work at her pace. The online workbooks were very helpful and easy to understand. My daughter improved a lot and looks forward to joining the program again in the Fall.


My son was not exactly excited about the idea of tutoring. We enrolled him in the TutorWorks programs which helped him improve his math score up to 25% in just 15 hours of services. He has a better understanding of math facts and will continue to practice with the online curriculum that was provide to him by TutorWorks. Thank you for supporting my son through his math class!


So far I have improved on English language arts, I started with 56.6% and ended with a 70%, I feel more confident doing challenging tasks, TutorWorks helps me think more critically. I asked a majority of questions which helped me so I enjoyed it very much.


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