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Since 2001, TUTORWORKS has served more than 25,000 students and partnered with 145 school districts and more than 850 schools in California.  During that time, we have worked collaboratively with parents to enhance student success.  We have been very effective with parent engagement.  Our TUTORWORKS PARENT WORKSHOP SERIES is based on our most popular parent training sessions. The TRAINING SERIES provides an important solution to a common challenge schools face:  How can you harness parent involvement to help student success without putting more demands on school staff resources?

The PARENT WORKSHOP SERIES is designed to both educate and also inspire parents to more effectively support their children’s success in school.  The workshops target specific outcomes such as increased school attendance, participation in supplemental programs, goal-setting or CAASPP test support.  Each of the bi-lingual interactive workshops includes motivational activities for students and parents. The TRAINING SERIES can be targeted to a specific group of parents or offered to all parents and students at a given school site or district. Schools and districts may choose from our list of workshops for the PARENT TRAINING SERIES or suggest a different topic targeted to specific socio-emotional or academic needs.

The workshops target specific outcomes such as increased school attendance, participation in supplemental programs, goal-setting or CAASPP test support.

Decades of research have established that higher levels of parent involvement are related to academic success for students. When schools, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and seek more challenging learning opportunities.       Researchers also agree that rates of parental involvement tend to be lower in disadvantaged communities, often due to life demands, language barriers, parents’ educational level, or lack of information about how to support their child’s learning.        Our workshops draw from best practices on the most effective strategies to foster parent engagement and participation, including: proactively and effectively communicating with families (e.g., translation assistance and related services); empowering parents with specific training, tools, and ideas to support and monitor their children’s learning at home; and most notably, engaging family members in interactive experiences.     


We know that motivating parents to support their children’s learning in deep ways is complex. We believe that one of the most powerful ways to influence parents’ involvement in their children’s learning is to work together in partnership with schools. As an external advocate, TUTORWORKS highlights the resources the school already provides and the advantages of deep parental involvement in student success.  We have been that external advocate for many schools and we can be an advocate for you too.

If you want more information about our PARENT WORKSHOP SERIES please contact us to discuss your needs. 

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We have thousands of parent testimonials we have collected over the years. Here is what our parents say about our programs.

TutorWorks teachers really encouraged my son to try his very best every day. He struggled at first but he became better and better with each session, and now he really likes to learn. We hope that the school brings back the TutorWorks program next year.

Castro Valley

From the day we went for the first meeting until the end it was a great experience. My daughter is into reading more than ever now. Her teacher said she has improved a lot at end of school year. Now she is willing to tackle any school project before it is due.

San Jose

Brayan has grown to be a better reader thanks to TutorWorks. They have given him the confidence he needed.

Twin Rivers

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