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TUTORWORKS offers one-on-one and individualized tutoring and training. We match you or your child with one of our exceptional tutors, explain the process clearly, and communicate with you regularly about progress. We believe that success is the greatest motivator and we structure our sessions to nurture success.


700 Airport Boulevard, Suite 450

Burlingame, CA 94010



2851 1st Avenue North

St. Petersburg, FL 33713



Here is what the thousands of parents and students we have served have to say about our services:

TutorWorks was wonderful! My daughter's needs were assessed on the first day of services and the manager created a lesson plan for her with specific goals. The tutor assigned to my daughter was a good match because she allowed my daughter to work at her pace. The online workbooks were very helpful and easy to understand. My daughter improved a lot and looks forward to joining the program again in the Fall.


My son was not exactly excited about the idea of tutoring. We enrolled him in the TutorWorks programs which helped him improve his math score up to 25% in just 15 hours of services. He has a better understanding of math facts and will continue to practice with the online curriculum that was provide to him by TutorWorks. Thank you for supporting my son through his math class!


So far I have improved on English language arts, I started with 56.6% and ended with a 70%, I feel more confident doing challenging tasks, TutorWorks helps me think more critically. I asked a majority of questions which helped me so I enjoyed it very much.



Areas of Expertise:

TUTORWORKS believes in utilizing a blended learning approach which combines personalized instruction from highly qualified instructors and the use of a variety of educational and digital tools. This blended approach accelerates learning and allows for the achievement of remarkable results!


Administering Assessments

We begin an individual's personalized program by assessing current learning levels and identifying strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to pinpoint where to start and determine the right program in order to achieve the best results.


Designing the Learning Modules

We utilize assessment results to design and customize learning modules which identify specific achievement goals and skills that must be mastered in the way that the individual learns most effectively. Each learning module is catered to individual needs and can be adjusted as the goals are mastered. 


Delivering Instruction

We utilize a blended teaching approach. Our highly qualified instructors provide structured learning programs tailored to the individuals and bring in necessary educational and digital tools like computing devices or additional kinesthetic material to enhance the overall learning experience. Our instructors lead interactive and adaptive lessons to create more productive and enjoyable sessions. 

Reporting Progress

We measure the progress during each lesson with invisible assessments and daily verbal reports. An extensive evaluation of student progress is conducted in benchmarks and finally at the end of the program. Comprehensive detailed progress reports are also provided. TUTORWORKS' demonstrated record of effectiveness prove that all of our programs are designed to deliver remarkable results.

Foundational Reading Skills: Using the "See It, Hear It, Say It" instructional strategy, students use Explode The Code Online to improve foundational literacy skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our data-driven phonics instruction program features individualized instruction and reinforcement-based continuous assessment. 


Foundational Mathematical Skills: Using strategies such as “practice with modeling," “incremental rehearsal," and fun math drills, students use the XtraMath program to promote fluency in computation and knowledge of math facts. XtraMath uses adaptive timed activities to encourage students to answer the questions as quickly as possible combined with spaced repetition to efficiently develop recall. Instruction focuses on basic math skills which are carefully sequenced to follow a logical order of concepts including number sense and operations, spatial relationships and shapes, comparing and measuring, and pattern knowledge.

Computer Training: Having a good grasp on technology, like possessing basic skills on computing devices, navigating through the internet, and understanding social networking systems, is critical in today's world.  We provide technology training to people of all ages by customizing technology needs, providing individualized support, and creating an enjoyable learning experience.

Test Prep:  Whether a student needs to prepare for standardized testing or prepare for college entrance or career-bound exams, Our Test Prep instruction will provide students the individualized support needed to master important test-taking skills and techniques.

Homework Support: Instruction is combined with independent learning to ensure that students not only understand homework concepts, but also learn how to apply those skills to achieve a deeper level of learning.

Advanced Math & Science: Instruction is one-on-one and individualized. Our highly qualified and certified tutors are trained to provide different styles of teaching to best match the variety of learning styles in each student. Math courses include Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Trigonometry. Science courses include Earth Science, Marine Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

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