TUTORWORKS believes in utilizing a blended learning approach which combines the use of research-based online curriculum, effective implementation models, and personalized instruction from our highly-qualified staff to accelerate and individualize students' learning; and as a result, achieve the best possible results. 


Why Administer Assessments?

TUTORWORKS programs place students at their appropriate learning level by first administering pre-assessments in English Language Arts and/or Mathematics. The supplemental criterion-based formative assessment programs are valid, reliable, and aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of administering assessments is to determine each student's understanding of the standards and identify strengths and weaknesses which indicate exactly where a student needs to begin in order to achieve the best results. Assessments are ongoing and, in most instances, invisible. Students are assessed at the end of the program to determine complete student progress from start to finish.

How are Learning Modules Designed?

Our assessments allow us to design customized learning modules which focus on specific achievement goals based on a student's greatest area of need. The formative and ongoing assessments are used to modify instruction on a daily basis. The computer-based programs are very adaptive which allow students to work at their pace, step-by-step, until mastery is achieved. 

How is Instruction Delivered?

The online curriculum and effective implementation models allow for our highly-qualified and certified staff to provide explicit and multi-sensory instruction utilizing an effective blended learning approach. Our learning environments are highly motivational  and combine highly trained and dynamic tutors with the most promising technological innovations in education. We provide a structured learning program tailored to each student. The real-time feedback of the computer-assisted instruction are utilized to provide several instructional models including individual, small group, or large group instruction based on students' needs. If necessary, instruction can also be delivered as a pull-out intervention with a literacy or math specialist.


How is Progress Measured?

TUTORWORKS programs determine student progress using a variety of both formative and summative assessments that are built into the program. As our programs focus on mastery, we examine the number of goals mastered as well as summative tests that mirror the SBAC test to determine student progress.  Students in our programs have consistently made statistically significant gains and progress on these continuous and final summative assessments. This demonstrated record of effectiveness proves that TUTORWORKS programs deliver results!

Which Instructional Materials are Utilized?

  • Explode The Code Online is an award-winning foundational reading program that utilizes an Orton-Gillingham approach. This multi-sensory, mastery-based program provides explicit and direct instruction of phonics in an easy to use format. The program supports students in navigating and mastering technology enhanced items on the SBAC and provides valuable experience in adaptive computer-based assessment environments.  

  • Study Island's programs are explicitly designed to help students master the content specified in the Common Core standards. Study Island provides rigorous content for math and ELA, PARCC- and SBAC-aligned item types. Study Island supports the learning process with engaging, interactive lessons and activities. It allows for self-paced, individualized learning as well as teacher-lead, whole-class instruction. Study Island engages students with dynamic content to reinforce learning and technology-enhanced item types to promote higher-order thinking and inquiry. 

  • Supplemental materials include a variety of auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and digital educational tools to meet the specific learning needs of each student. 

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